A Hazard Mitigation Plan outlines key members and critical facilities within their jurisdictions, assesses the hazards within the plan area, and identifies plans to mitigate the risk of these hazards. Part of this plan is also providing the public with mitigation resources and giving them a chance to engage with the plan. As part of the 2020 CCHMP update we are looking for the public to provide feedback on the 2015 CCHMP so we can better tailor the new plan to the wants and needs of those that represent and make up the plan area.

On this page we have a link to our Feedback Form, a list of upcoming Public Meetings, and the Comments other people have made.

Feedback Form:

Our Feedback Form will be used to gain insight into what the public thinks about the 2015 CCHMP and their opinion on how the planners can improve it in the 2020 CCHMP. Click here to access our Feedback Form:

Public Meeting:

Currently there are no scheduled Pubic Meetings. More Public Meetings will be scheduled later in the planning process.


After we get Feedback from more people we will begin posting the anonymous responses so we can start a discussion on what different people would like to see in the 2020 Plan.

Below there is a space to comment on the Website, 2015 CCHMP, 2020 CCHMP Update Progress, and on other individual’s Feedback and Comments. please be respectful and descriptive:

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