Planning Team

City of ChampaignRoger Cruse
UrbanaDerrick Odle Division Chief, City of Urbana Fire
UrbanaScott TessSustainability and Resiliency Officer   
UrbanaMarcus Ricci  (alternate) Planner
Savoy Sam SmithLieutenant/EMT-Intermediate; Savoy Fire Department359-5814 
Rantoul Danny Russell (217)
Rantoul Sean Arie (217) 
MahometAbby HeckmanPlanner   
University of Illinois Sherry Wooten    
Parkland CollegeWilliam ColbrookDirector of Public Safety/Police Chief   
Parkland CollegeBonita Burgess (alternate)
Champaign County Susan Monte HMP Project Facilitator   
Champaign County Vincenzo SpagnolaHMP Project Assistant   
Champaign County John DwyerCC EMA   
Champaign County Bill James (alternate) CC EMA  
C-U Public HealthRobert Davies